In The Air - L.A.B.
Ooh, I feel it everywhere
It's cold breathing in the dark
Take me on, I'll lead you there
And call me when you'll be far
I don't wanna let you down
Slow leaving up too long
Ooh, I feel it in the air
You know me, I'll keep you on
It's evident you want me now (baby)
My heart's beating on the floor
I see it and then turn around
You move me but I want more
The memory is in the air (Memory is in the air)
And music is all we need
Ooh, I feel it, can't you see? (Can't you see?)
You know me, I'll keep you there
Ooh, I get that feeling
Can I take you on a ride? (Take you on a ride?)
Knowing what I know
Can see it, baby, in your eyes?
'Cause it's going, we're full 'til the morning
On the burning night, hey
I can take a chance
Loving your romance tonight
Girl, you know you turn me on (Know you turn me on)
I like it, oh, can't you see?
The way your moving on the floor (Moving on the floor)
The fire, yeah, the way you breathe
Can I take you home tonight? (You can take me home tonight)
We're flying beneath the sheets
Holding on to make me strong (Oooh)
(Tonight is the night I need)